The rooms are distributed over two floors. In the attic is the large 'hayloft'. Below that are five cosy rooms and a summer house outside. Each rooms hat its own charm and style and all offer the ideal setting for an unforgettable event. The Theurerhof is an event location and is therefore not open as a restaurant.
A ceremonial roof truss with festively decorated round tables and chairs covered with white covers.
Benches in a sauna separated from the pool by a window.
In a large room that resembles a living room, there are various tables with numerous different chairs.
A living room with a table, various chairs, rustic cupboards, an old kitchenette and cozy details.


on the outskirts
Our Theurerhof is located directly on the outskirts of Calw-Speßhardt and is a few kilometers away from our hotel. You can reach the ensemble by car or on foot during a beautiful walk trough the forest.