Active in Berlins KroneLamm

Our fitness room is highly equipped with many different fitness tools. This offers numerous possibilities for your individual training. Your personal training is rounded off by the qualified support of our fitness team led by Kristina Möhrer.

Please note that the fitness room is unfortunately not available for free training during sports courses.

Guests are on a hiking trail through the Black Forest with hiking backpacks and hiking poles.
Activity programme
Here you will find a selection of possible programme items
  • Supervised equipment training
  • Equipment instruction
  • Back training
  • Body and brain training
  • Functional training
  • Stabilisation training
  • Circuit training
  • Nordic walking
  • Jogging
  • Relaxation programmes
  • Meditation and dream journeys
  • Yoga
  • Water gymnastics
  • Guided hikes
  • Mountain bike rental with tour tips
Bike service
for our house guests 
With our e-bikes you can enjoy relaxed tours through our beautiful Black Forest region. Rental of mountain bikes, mountain e-bikes, cross bikes (for a fee). In addition, a bicycle cellar is available for your own bikes.
Two guests train on sports mats and are supported by a fitness trainer.
Personal Training
One-to-one care

In individual training, the exercises are exclusively tailored to your individual needs. Our fitness trainers are at your side with one-to-one support.

From Monday to Saturday by arrangement. Please book your training well in advance.

Private Personal Training:

Whether yoga, Pilates, exercises with the fascia roller, functional training, cardiovascular stress or the targeted strengthening of specific muscle groups, personal training leaves nothing to be desired.
Can also be booked as partner training.

45 minutes € 50.00
60 minutes € 65,00
Partner training + € 25.00

Fitness room

Equipped with high-quality sports equipment

Our fitness room is available daily from 06:30 to 22:00. Water, towels and disinfectants are provided.

During sports courses, the fitness room is reserved for participating guests only. Thank you for your understanding.

Kinesis Personal
The six smooth-running cable pulleys give you the opportunity to do over 200 different exercises. From general well-being to targeted muscle building and sport-specific training programmes. Kinesis personal training is therefore ideal for professionals as well as beginners.
Kinesis Stations
Offer great versatility for everyone. The Kinesis Stations are the ideal combination of guided and free training. After a short introduction, you can perform the individual exercises on your own. Our two stations train the muscle groups: Chest, upper back, shoulders and abdomen.
Rowing machine
Rowing machines offer a varied workout that combines strength and endurance training in an optimal way like hardly any other fitness equipment. Rowing uses an above-average number of muscles, improves posture and strengthens the cardiovascular system in the long term.
Cardio area
It is equipped with two treadmills, two steppers and four bicycle ergometers. For all those who want to get their cardiovascular system going, do something for pure fat burning or warm up or warm down to the training session.
Dumbbell range
Exclusive dumbbell pairs from 1.25 to 10 kg for free training of the upper extremities.
Barbell area
This area has a bench press station with barbell ready for you. Additional weights up to 100 kg leave hardly anything to be desired. In addition to the classic "bench press exercise", free strength exercises such as snatch, pull-up and squat can also be performed under supervision.
TRX System
Sling training from the USA. Strength, coordination, flexibility and stability of the torso are particularly promoted.
Motor skills training
Numerous small pieces of equipment present real challenges here. Highly recommended to improve coordinative interaction, which can also be done in combination with other equipment.
Functional training area
Equipped with numerous small machines to train the entire stabilisation of the body in a functional and high-quality way. This equipment can also be used in conjunction with other strength equipment and is available to guests without restriction during supervised training.
Lateral back trainer
For those who want to strengthen and tone the lower back area.
Guests work out in a fitness room on exercise mats and treadmills.
Benches in a sauna separated from the pool by a window.
A young man and other guests are training on various sports equipment in a fitness room.
Three people do various sports exercises in a room with high-quality fitness equipment and mats.